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Put an end to a cramped kitchen with a beautiful expansion

Everyone wants to have that perfect kitchen in his or her home, especially if you are a person who loves to cook. Your kitchen should make you feel great - like you are cooking in a chef’s kitchen.


If your kitchen is not giving you that warm and inviting feeling, then it's time to invite Hawaii Renovators into your kitchen so that we can remodel your kitchen. We will help you from the design of your kitchen to installing each new appliance.

Stop being embarrassed about your kitchen

Make your kitchen stand out the way you want

• Kitchen design

• Cabinet installation

• Granite surface countertop installation

• Solid surface countertop installation

• Kitchen flooring

• Electrical upgrades

Emergency service



• Plumbing upgrades

• New sink installation

• New fixture installation

• Garbage disposal installation

• Hot water faucet / spout installation

A homey kitchen with wooden cabinets